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I tried to install Gentoo for the first time.

I created /dev/sda3 for /boot and /dev/sda4 for /.

I compiled the genkernel and generate the initramfs file successfully.

After installing grub, I reboot the machine. Then the machine boot in grub shell. I found this link, and followed the instruction step by step.

Firstly, I executed "root=(hd0,2)"

Then I executed "kernel=/kernel-genkernel.... root=/dev/sda4 ro"

Then I executed "initrd=/initramfs..."

Then I executed ”boot"

The kernel was boot then when mounting root, it reported an error "your real /dev is missing files required to boot"

What does it mean? What should I do in the next step? Thanks.

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You should always read what the Gentoo Handbook says. This is the official reference.

An example of grub config given by the Handbook for genkernel users is given here.

What we can see is that the current initrams expects a real_root attribute to be given to the kernel command-line, so it can mount/chroot/etc correctly the so-called 'real root' which is your actual '/' mount point.

So I would first try the following grub commands:

root (hd0,2)
kernel /kernel-genkernel [...] real_root=/dev/sda4 ro
initrd /initramfs [...]
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