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I'm trying to create a chart of my times for my runs (e.g. 25:30, for 25 minutes and 30 seconds). How could I convert this "analog" time to the decimal equivalent (e.g. 25.5 minutes)? The problem is I can never get it to work with anything above 24.

I would like to be able to do this in Emacs and/or Excel.


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Go to Format Cells and select Custom and scroll down to [h]:mm:ss. This will allow you to go over 24 hours (particularly useful if you want to sum your times, as this will not restart counting at 24 hours).



sum = 27:19

Once you've got your times entered in, using the mm:ss convention, sum them, and then convert the cell formatting of the sum cell to Number, which will give you a fraction of 24 hours (so if your times added to 24:00, the fraction would be 1.00, which, multiplied by 24 gets you 24.00).

=1.14 (since the "time" 27:19 would be 114% of a day) * 24


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