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I'm trying to create a nice title for my webpage... a big white title to sit on a black background. I'm using Illustrator to do so. When I create it, it looks nice, but when I hit "save for web & devices", it comes out looking like a pixelated piece of crap on the site. Is there some setting I need to change to make Illustrator save a higher resolution image? Thanks

EDIT I understand, from looking at some other posts, that this may be a result of "posterization" or "dither", but this is only a plain white image so I don't how this results in a colors problem. (I could be completely misinterpreting these terms)

EDIT Figured version might be important... I'm using CS5.1

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Below the preset area, on the save for web dialog, there should be a small tab that says "Image Size" and in there, a small panel says New Size and percent, try 200 percent or higher. don't forget to hit the apply button.

You may also try the 2 up on the upper left corner so you can compare them side by side.

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You don't necessarily need a higher resolution; change your document units to pixels and turn the rulers on (Ctrl+R). Zoom to 100% (Ctrl+0), make the graphic exactly the size you want, and export it at screen resolution.

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