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I have 3 machines. 2 Macs, 1 Dell.
1 of the Macs is running as a VNC server and the other Mac connects great with Chicken of the VNC.
Sadly, this app does not exist for Windows so I'm using RealVNC to view from Windows.
I connect the exact same way as with the Mac, but on Windows when it connects, I see a program pop up and then immediately close.
I have tried all options available on RealVNC and nothing changes things. Anyone have any idea what I can do to fix this?

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Try UltraVNC or TightVNC on the client and see if that resolves your problem. I've experienced a few issues with RealVNC not being completely compatible with Mac VNC servers on a few occasions.

  UltraVNC (free and open source)

  TightVNC (free and open source)

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