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Is there a list somewhere of the geographical location of the Windows 7 wallpapers?

I'd love to know more about some of these places, but apart from the region they're bundled with, there's not much information I can find. Any hints?

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It's not exactly the list you want, but InterfaceLIFT has wallpapers from many geographical locations, and each is accompanied by a brief description. – pavium Jun 24 '11 at 4:15
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If you go to:


You can see each regional wallpaper pack, there are five (5) packs, from Australia (AU), Canda (CA), Great Britain (GB), United States (US), South Africa (ZA).

In Windows 7, right-click on any photo inside the wallpaper packs, select Properties, and a dialog box will appear. Go to the Details tab, under Description, there will be a Title field, which tells you about the photo and where it was taken. Other details are in the tab, like who took the photo, the dimensions, etc.

For example, for this photo:
enter image description here

the Details tab of Properties looks like this:
enter image description here

To see more of the title, put your cursor where the red circle is, and drag it to expand the field.

This particular photo has a short title, others will have longer ones. So you know this photo is from Australia, just Bing Kimberley Plateau and you'll have your location.

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I just found a temporary solution: Google's new "search by image" function.

I'll just use this to hunt down the ones I want.

However, it would be a great post for a blog if someone was to do all of them, since apparently a full list is hard to find.

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