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I'm having a hard time with my Windows XP. Ctrl+A combination does not select all text in some textboxes throughout whole system. For instance it does not work in start->Run command window nor does it work in my own WinForms application that I've developed under .NET 3.5 framework.

On the other hand CTRL+A does work in Firefox or IE8 location bar.

What can be the source of that problem?

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Wherever the CTRL+A shortcut does not work you can use SHIFT+< key or SHIFT+HOME keys to select all. It works everywhere in the system.

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Strictly speak there is no problem here to try and find the source of.

As a shortcut, Ctrl+A = Select All is not something implemented by Windows.

It will only work in those programs that implement this shortcut themselves, not universally across the system.

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I agree that it is not implemented in XP or Server 2003, but it is implemented in Windows 7 and Server 2008 (and probably Vista), at least for the Run box. So Michael Lucas, your system does not technically have a just lacks a feature. – KCotreau Jun 24 '11 at 11:46

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