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Same issue on both versions 1.3.7 and 1.4.2. Uninstall then reinstall so that both machines have the same versions on both client and server.

  • server is Windows 7 (to the right of the client)
  • client is Windows XP (to the left of the server)

I did not test with other OS versions or if the client screen is in a different position relative to the server.

  • set up 1.4.2 Windows XP client Windows service to autostart
  • set up 1.4.2 Windows 7 server Windows service to autostart (have to run Synergy as Administrator to do so) This is not the same as Settings-->Start-->Automatically start server or client when GUI starts.


  • set up 1.3.7 Windows XP client to Auto Start when computer starts
  • set up 1.3.7 Windows 7 server to Auto Start when computer starts (have to run Synergy as Administrator to do so)

Get your server config settings working so that Synergy can connect the machines together.

Move mouse to the left edge of the server and over to the client. Mouse cursor 'vibrates' on far right edge of client as you wiggle mouse back and forth. If you are able to click into a blank text editor on the client, you can type correctly, but mouse movement is not usable.

Now, fix it:

  • For 1.3.7 server remove Auto Start from server.
  • For 1.4.2 server uninstall server service.

Run the server and click the Start button. Move the mouse to the left edge of the server and over to the client. Mouse works fine.

When the 'service' is running on the server, Synergy can connect up fine, but the mouse is not usable on the client.

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Did I miss the question here? Or is it just the implied one of "How do I change this behavior"? Because it sounds like you have a fix, unless I've read this wrong. (I don't use Synergy personally.) – Shinrai Jun 24 '11 at 17:54

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