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I'd like to purchase Adobe Premier Elements, but I don't want to spend an extra $50 if I don't need to for the "Plus" version. These are the things that it includes (that the regular supposedly doesn't provide):

  • Get exclusive access to libraries of creative Plus extras
  • Get cinematic inspiration with movie themes, special effects, and more delivered regularly to your software
  • Get help with regular deliveries of easy-to-use how-tos

I don't care about their online storage, I don't care about the 'how-tos', or updates being regularly 'delivered' to the software. I DO care about the extra special effects, themes, and other content, my question is are these things I care about free and accessible somewhere? (It almost sounds like these stuff would be free, just not 'automatically' available in the software, just can't find it.

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There are templates available elsewhere, but if you want the ones that they are delivering, then you need to be a Plus member.

See ProDesign Tools for direct download links of some templates. You need to open a free Adobe account, and login in another window to use the links. See directions on the linked page.

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