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We have a Snow Leopard Mac, play Warcraft 3 and the router is an Asus RT-G32.

Situation is so: The task is to forward requests going to to another IP address. I have no idea how to do it in OS X. The question is – how to spoof DNS name (or IP), and change it to another?

Hosts file has no luck :(

Man, it's not working (ip is ip):

new gateway ip
new gateway ip
new gateway ip
new gateway ip
new gateway ip
new gateway ip
new gateway ip

no result :( - it still address to

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"very stupid, very unclean"... I like the disclaimer :) I wish I knew the answer. – Flimzy Jun 24 '11 at 20:59

You need to modify the host file on you system. You can find the instructions here.

Edit the /private/etc/hosts file.

Add a line the the file in such a manner:

New IP(or host) Old IP(or host): localhost
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