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I am trying to send an email with a link (or path of file or can be simply shared folder path), I know how to do with hotspot, but I have to do when I send the mail from Java. So, I was basically looking for the code that I have to attach in the body of the mail.

Is this possible. I am running 8.5.

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I don't understand your question. Are you using a lotus notes java API? And how is the insert manual? Is hotspot a reference to java? – slotishtype Jun 25 '11 at 7:53
I am trying to send email which have a path(lets say : c:\testfolder\test.txt ) in the body of the mail. I am using java to send email. I want the path to work as hotspot, but how do I do it through java. – user234194 Jun 26 '11 at 7:20

You can probably use the Lotus Notes MIMEEntity object to create a MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) mail with a HTML body. See the Notes Designer Help, chapter "Working with a MIME entity in Java classes" for more information

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I found this site when searching for a similar problem: Lotus Notes creating Hotspot.

I hope this helps.

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