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I have installed Tomcat6 using the 32-bit/64-bit Windows Service Installer download version. In the setup instructions, it is recommended that "For optimal security, the service should be run as a separate user, with reduced permissions". I created a new local/standard user (Tomcat) to run the service. The Tomcat service is listed in my list of Services and it's running under my user profile. However, I can't figure out how to set/change which user to start it as.

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Simply right click on Computer and click Manage.

Expand Services and Applications and double click on Tomcat (or whatever the service is called`.

From here, click the Log On tab, and click the Browse button, follows by the Advanced... button, then the Find Now button.

Select the user and close all back to the screen where you can type the password for the account. Type the password and click OK.

You may want to start/stop the service to test it works - if there are any problems, you can either check the event log, or it will probably give you instant feedback about the issue.

enter image description here

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To reconfigure using the command line: sc config

sc.exe config "[servicename]" obj= "[.\username]" password= "[password]"

Mind the space after the equal sign.

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