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I would really like to switch between applications faster. Using Alt + Tab doesn't do the job for me. Is there a way I can utilize the function keys on the keyboard?

For example if I had terminal, Eclipse and Chrome open, I would really like if I can assign keys like F1, F2 and F3 respectively.

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The only way I can currently think of is:

  • Getting a good hotkey editor (I think Ubuntu has this built in)
  • Write small scripts that will be run by each command. For instance set F1 in the hotkey program to run the script. The script would request focus from a window with the name specified. For example (I haven't tested this, using something like wmctrl):

    wmctrl -a google-chrome

    Alternatively, you could even just tell your hotkey program to execute the command directly instead of writing it to a file.

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