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I have a Lenovo laptop with windows XP and a wireless connection at home. The wireless connection works when initially I switch on the computer. but if I leave it for even 5 minutes, the wireless is gone. Then I have to shut it off and start computer all over again, waiting for 5 minutes. Even if the wireless speed is 48Mbps or better, it gives the message "Renewing IP address" and gets stuck there not moving to the next stage. Other laptop in the household works fine and can be left on. Why does this happen ? I suspect that IP address is the problem and somehow is not registered in all the necessary files.

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To rule out Wi-Fi multicast problems, temporarily turn off all security on your wireless network, and crank down your AP's multicast rate to the lowest setting. Does the problem still happen under those conditions? Also, why is your DHCP lease time just ~10 minutes? – Spiff Jun 26 '11 at 4:44

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