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I'm looking for an torrent client, that knows where to put downloaded files based on label...


  • I'm downloading "ubuntu 11.04" which I labeled linux and I want that this is saved on C:\linux.

  • I'm downloading "windows 7" which I labeled windows and I want that this is saved on C:\windows.

Do you know some torrent client that knows to do that?

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Uhhm, I hope in your second example you meant "Fedora 15" (or anything but not a commercial software you don't want to pay for). – slhck Jun 26 '11 at 9:59
Is just an example... but how could fedora be labeled windows?... btw download windows can be legal, if you download it from microsoft... I have legal windows downloaded from MSDAA ;) – Wolfy Jun 26 '11 at 10:02
Then you might label it "fedora". You know what I mean. However, I don't recall Microsoft releasing torrents of their software. – slhck Jun 26 '11 at 10:05
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For what it's worth, there's uTorrent, which also has a labeling feature. You can organize your downloads according to labels you can set before. Here's a guide on that.

enter image description here

Go to Option → Preferences → Advanced → user_interface. Here you can enter a set of persistent labels for the downloads. Separate them with a pipe |.

Then, go to Options → Preferences → Downloads and tick the "Append the torrent’s label to the directory name" box.

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