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I typically go to the windows explorer using windowskey+e. Then I use Alt-D to go the address bar to type the folder name.

Is there keyboard shortcut to directly go the file list on the right side instead of going tab tab tab? I typically just want to select a file for copy/delete etc.


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Try shift+tab that will tab in the reverse order

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After launching Explorer, press F6. This toggles between the file list, the address bar, and (annoyingly) the close button for the "folder tree" pane. While on the folder view's close button, you can press tab to move into the actual folder tree.

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Not a direct answer to your question, but an alternative.

You could use Launchy, to type directly the address. Then enter would open the explorer directly where you want, and the "cursor" would be on the first file in the window.

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I just found this question and was searching for the same thing.

In Explorer in Windows 8, if you press enter while in the address bar, it goes directly to the file list.

Unfortunately, the behavior is not the same in the file open dialog, even though most of the shortcuts there are the same.

You can easily get there from the find dialog: if you press F3, then ESC, then down, you will end up in the file list (both in Explorer and the file open dialog). Unfortunately (and bizarrely), however, F3 doesn't always take you to the search box. It depends on what element you have selected at the time.

It is amazing how poorly thought out the Explorer shortcuts are. There are direct shortcuts for most elements in the interface, including rarely used options like Map Network Drive--but not for selecting the file list!

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