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I used to use GoToMeeting about a year ago, but that was too expensive at $49/mo.

Some things I liked about it (in the context of learning computing) include:

  • I could give point/click access to a user ...and quickly take it a way.
  • My mouse would override their mouse.
  • I could record a video of the session which was handy for complex configurations of software, etc. for later review (tutors charge by the hour).

I have very briefly searched Google to find a few competitors; one is free. You could discuss any competing service. The question is how do they compare? And, what was your person experience like?

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Please note, Super User is not a duscussion forum - refer faq. – Sathya Jun 27 '11 at 4:59
Sathya, I apologize. I can see how aspects of this are very subjective. I will think harder about specific non-subjective questions pertaining to this issue IF I should ask again. – John R Jun 27 '11 at 5:04

VNC should probably allow most of this for any OS, though recording is a little tricky - UVNC seems to be a possible varient - it has a screen recorder

Alternately you could look at remote assistance (if both boxes are windows) and use vlc to record

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