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I want to manage the startup / re-start and shutdown of a multi module software system running on a set of windows machines.

For example:

  • [some machines booted, some still doing so]

  • run the whole system using a startup-process or a network command etc. an the operator station computer - all machines shall start it's defined processes

  • some processes may crash during operation - if defined, they shall be restarted silently

  • stop the whole system using a stop-process or a network command etc. an the operator station computer - each machine kill the defined processes

  • goto [start]

  • the state of the processes of each machine can be queried, using a web-interface or such.

For now I'm using a system of batch files and remote-execute/kill, which is error prone as hell.

So I plan to develop a kind of system service running in the background and maintain the state of the processes.

But maybe somebody knows some tool which already does the things I need.

Thank you in advance!

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