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I'd like to use xcopy on a Windows machine to pull out all files with .doc extension into a single directory.

An example:

I need to copy the .doc file from the below source:

D:\new folder\new1\new1-1\new\y.doc  
D:\new folder\new2\new2-1\new\y.doc  
D:\new folder\new3\new3-1\new\y.doc  
D:\new folder\new4\new4-1\new\y.doc  
D:\new folder\new5\new5-1\new\y.doc  

And paste them in D:\test\ as below:


and avoid replacement of the .doc files.

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@echo off & setlocal

for /s "D:\new folder" %%f in (*.doc) do call :nextfile "%%~f"
goto :eof

    set /a num+=1
    set "target=D:\test\%~n1%num%%~x1"
    if exist "%target%" goto :nextfile
    copy "%~1" "%target%"
    goto :eof
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Don't say "I'd like to use <some tool>" unless you have a specific reason to use that tool and you know the tool can do what you're asking for. In this case, you can replace copy with xcopy, but you still have to use the script, and if you have many files it may even be slower (xcopy is an external process, while copy is built-in). – grawity Jun 27 '11 at 17:17
for /L %a in (1,1,50) do XCOPY "D:\new folder\new%a\new%a-1\y.doc" D:\test\y%a.doc

replace "50" with whatever your ending folder number is.

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