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Sometimes after I've been using TextExpander for a while I will type a snippet's shortcode, and it will insert the snippet in the wrong place. For example, I have a snippet to insert the php tags when I type pphp. When it works normally this is the outcome:


Last sentence was here. I'll press return, and at the
newline I will type pphp, which does this:


But when TextExpander starts acting up, then that same paragraph will end up looking like this:


Last sentence was here. I'll press return, and at the
newline I 

will type pphp, which does this:

If I relaunch the program it starts working fine again.

These are the preferences I have set. I've tried it both with and without the clipboard option and it does not seem to have an effect.

enter image description here

Has anyone else had his problem and found a solution? I think even back in version 2 it would do this and I was hoping that when v3 came out it would have been fixed, but I've been suffering for a while now. I don't believe I have any other programs interfering with it.

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Contact their support. It's a commercial application. – Daniel Beck Jun 30 '11 at 3:38
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I switched over to Typinator and the same thing was happening. So, the problem appears to be Google Chrome / Chromium.

I haven't switched back to TextExpander, but the newest versions of Safari and Firefox are working fine with Typinator, and also the newest version of Google Chrome (beta) - but not Chromium, unfortunately.

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