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Is it possible to create a configuration or batch file that will initiate a VPN connection using the built-in Windows PPTP client? I want to build a scripted method that all my external users can use to avoid configuration issues.

I'm aware of rasdial.exe but that only lets you initiate a preconfigured connection.

I also know about the CMAK (Connection Manager Administration Kit) for Windows Servers that generates an EXE, but that doesn't suit me because I want to hand-tune the configuration to get some DNS/SMB issues sorted out, and also the CMAK for SBS2003 doesn't work on Windows 7 64 bit at least so it isn't portable enough for me. We don't have access to a more recent server OS.

EDIT: There is only one VPN, hopefully the configuration will be pretty simple but I also need to mount and unmount a network share. I can't configure their connections myself because a) I don't have access to their PCs remotely or otherwise, b) I'm not providing tech support to the users, just giving them VPN access so I want to keep this as simple as possible, and c) I want to get a single tested configuration that just works. I would like to write a script or set of files that I email to a user with limited installation instructions. Many unis have something similar for students but using something like a preconfigured install of the Cisco client, I want to use the built-in client if possible but if an alternative client works then that would be great.

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I really don't understand the question or what you are trying to do. Are they randomly connecting to various VPN's? Why wouldn't you pre-configure their RAS connections? Are you looking for something that will build these RAS connections in bulk? – KCotreau Jun 28 '11 at 11:33
@KCotreau thanks, I've added some more info to the question – Ben Scott Jun 28 '11 at 12:00
Found some links that might help, will test this further:… looks like a combination of rasdial/rasphone, netsh and net use may be needed – Ben Scott Jul 28 '11 at 1:03

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