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As per duckworth's post:

  1. The large size of the library
  2. The fact that the library is on the network
  3. A specific file or file is causing it the player to crash

I have been working on this for months and have tried everything. A newly installed windows 7 machine 32-bit. The media library empties and reverses the count back to zero

When you copy the about 30000 files at a time it is fine, been working for while now. But when it becomes corrupt again for some reason, your back to where you started. I am not about to delete all the music and copy across again slowly so that the library can handle it, for the next few months.

By the way you need to copy 30000 mp3 files/folder across to your music folder, then when media player finishes updating the library, shut media player down and start it up again, then do another 30000 files etc .My question is, this has been a bug for while now. Anyone with a genuine fix.

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re:your first line, can you link to the post? – tombull89 Jun 28 '11 at 10:24
I've suggested an edit to link to the post. – bwDraco Jun 28 '11 at 10:26

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