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I have saw the sidebar marked in the picture enabled in other people. How can I enable this for me?

alt text

EDIT: The bar doesn't appear at all, I mean, the "-" sign of the show/hide options doesn't appear. How can I make show this?

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See the little "-" sign in the top part of the circle in your screenshot? When you do a Google search, it'll be a "+" when the results are first returned. Click the + and it expands to the side bar you're talking about.

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Click "Web [+] Show options..."

alt text

If that doesn't work, switch locals to en-US or en-GB (If you prefer English...)

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How can I switch locals to EN-US? – eKek0 Aug 26 '09 at 23:49
Add hl=en-US to the end of the URL as a param, like this: – LiraNuna Aug 27 '09 at 0:32

Press the "Show Options" button in the left corner.

alt text

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Google have a habit of gradually rolling out features to different locations. If you aren't seeing show or hide on the results page then Google probably haven't decided to give you that feature.

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I found the answer.

You need to go to the option Interface Language and set it to English.

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