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I tried to checkout a repository in subversion and it says

svn: Can't open file 'eglibc2.8/ports/sysdeps/m88k/m88100/.svn/tmp/text-base/add_n.s.svn-base': No such file or directory

I checked and there really is not such file.
What is making it do this? I cannot control the svn repository, I just need to checkout a library.
I'm on a mac so it can't be case sensitivity problem.

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Unfortunately, it may still be a problem of case sensitivity. Although Mac OS X distinguishes between cases, two files with names that only differ in the case are considered to be the same.

Looking at this seems to be the case: there are two files add_n.s and add_n.S, which are the cause of your problem. Sorry, I have no idea what to do in this case.

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You could do something crazy like making a sparse disk image that was formatted to be case sensitive and then checkout/work with the repo there. Not a system you'd want to use often, but if it's just this once...

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