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I have some sparse files that I want to read/copy to windows but I can't find a FS reader that works any suggestions?

EDIT: to clarify the sparse files are living on an ext3 partition it's this partition that I can't read correctly.

I had a 70 odd gig file that was sparsed and only a few kb made it over to windows (the file was mostly full)

I was trying to stay away from kernel space mountable drivers but if anybody has testimony of Ext2 IFS and the like working without problems I might take the risk.

copying sparse correctly is a must (it doesn't have to stay spare at dest)

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colinux is one answer. then for setup rpm and network setup.

I don't trust half the windows kernel drives and this seems stable.

Note if you installed to C:\coLinux\ instead of C:\Program Files\coLinux\ you need to change all of the centos text files to the same (manual recommend i use C:\coLinux)

colinux seems to expect you to build your own colinux+favdistro as that link I gave is like 2009 or something.. Someone revive andlinux or Portable Ubuntu!

I have talked to the ext2explore dev and he says he will make an update that reads sparse.

If anyone knows a readonly alternative like this in the mean time please post!

Doe this and restart to get networking working.

cat > /etc/sysconfig/network << END NETWORKING=yes HOSTNAME=localhost.localdomain END

You'll then have to setup samba/CIFS to share the mount you made.

I had to set cobd3="\Device\Harddisk1\Partition3" in run.txt to detect the partion on /dev/cobd3

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This is the only answer I can find to read sparse with out installing a system driver for windows which I don't trust. No read only drive I found read sparse :( – sabgenton Aug 21 '11 at 6:01

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