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I have a mouse with three buttons but no wheel.

In OS X, is there any way (perhaps with addon software) that would allow me to use my third button for scrolling by holding it and moving the mouse?

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Smart Scroll does what you are looking for, with its 'Grab Scroll' feature. Assign it to 'Button 3 (Middle)' and dragging on both axes will work in apps such as browsers (Chrome), Terminal, Adobe Photoshop, and Finder - no app I've tried hasn't worked with it (using the 4.0 betas up and up). It has a free trial.

enter image description here

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It depends on the software - for example, Firefox supports it, while Google Chrome does not.

Currently there is no software to enable such feature system-wide in OS X, sadly.

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Maybe it wasn't compatible with Chrome way back in 2011, but certainly in 2014 after no doubt quite a few revisions, Smart Scroll's 'Grab Scroll' works smoothly with Chrome and Opera, I can confirm. I think it is OS-wide too as it works in Finder, Adobe Photoshop, and even Terminal. So I think your data is out of date! :) – user78017 Jun 24 '14 at 7:00

I used Better Touch Tool to assign Ctrl+middle-click to PgUp, and Option+Middle-click to PgDown. It's free, excellent software, and works well.

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