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Is there software, preferably web-based, that can help high level management manage the tasks every team/department is working on?

E-mails don't cut it anymore...

Does SharePoint fit this use case?

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I only found Confluence, any other similar software like this? It is wiki-based, super complex.

There's task based:


Any other ones?

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You might be better off starting by looking at the project management apps on the google marketplace. I've tried a few and although they didn't do what I needed, they may well fit your needs better.

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thx, but no, we're not looking for Project Management, but thx for the Google Marketplace suggestion. – Henry Jun 29 '11 at 0:30

Our central IT org uses TeamDynamix which bills itself as "The Leader in Web-Based Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) Software".

My only knowledge of the system is from some of those tasked to use it whom find it a pain to log work towards projects...but I assume its not a tool issue but the process. Also FWIW we have Confluence on campus and I believe that its mostly being phased out for SharePoint 2010.

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