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I am using IE8 to open a sharepoint portal on local network. Initially, I clicked on remember password after passing domain credentials. However, now I want sharepoint to ask credentials again.

I've tried many options - Deleted all cookies, IE > Security Tab > Form Autocomplete > Deleted everything. Restarted my machine. And all I could do. Still, when I open portal, sharepoint logs me in automatically. What should I do to make IE ask for credentials again?

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This resolved it...

Wasn't aware of something like this. pretty cool!

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Check which zone your sharepoint site resides in. If its Local Intranet zone, it might be passing credentials automatically. Move the site to Internet or Trusted zone.

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In Windows 7/Vista:

Start -> Control Panel -> Credential Manager

But you can access this window also as enableDeepa wrote:

Start –> Run –> control userpasswords2

Select second tab Advanced -> Manage passwords

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Not sure if it matters, but as a domain user you're also automatically logged in to sharepoint sites as well, so my trick was to hold shift, right click on IE, run-as different user, and run as the user i wanted to log into sharepoint as.

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