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Is there a repository for Debian stable (squeeze) with latest Chromium browser (Debian has an outdated version 6.x in official stable repository)? So far I have not found any. It is pity that Ubuntu has such repositories, but Debain does not.

I know I could go with Google Chrome, but I do not like the EULA and added "functionality" by Google.

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If you want the latest, bleeding-edge build of Chromium for Linux, you can get it from the Chromium BuildBot. (There is also a 64-bit build for Linux.) You’ll have to “install” it yourself because it comes as a ZIP file, not a *nix package, but that’s simple enough (especially for Linux users); just unzip it to where your current Chromium install is.

(I’ve been on the cutting edge of Chromium by doing this for Windows for a few years now.)

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Yes, I have already been doing in for some time, but I was hoping there is a Debian way to achieve the same. Also, at times it seems that this bleeding edge is just a bit too much "bleeding". I was hoping to get chromium builds that are equivalent to google-chrome stable. – Jordi Jun 30 '11 at 7:18
I don’t know about Debian packages, but as for the latest version, the buildbot server keeps a few dozen versions at a time, so you can get one from two or three months earlier. – Synetech Jun 30 '11 at 21:17

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