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I'm doing some video streaming to different kinds of mobile devices(with the help of Wowza Media Server). And I need to have a single URL to serve all device types(e.g. mobile://funny-cats.mp4).

A dumb and straightforward solution is to use a link to a web-server, which checks the type of client and redirects to appropriate URL. But this sounds like a pretty common task so I wonder if there's already any handshake protocol between server and mobile device to agree on which media type is supported? (Like SDP?)

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AFAIK, most websites just rely on the client telling the website what kind of device it is. Then it happens server side. It's also software implemented, making it easy to modify.

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That sounds like the method I mentioned in my question. So the way to go is to check User-Agent header on server and redirect appropriately? – RocketR Jul 1 '11 at 11:29

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