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I wonder how come there are not many options when it comes to scan or convert a device which could be connected to a laptop/desktop, which could -

1] Allow me to write with a digital pen on some special surface, which is connected to my laptop and thus converts my hand written notes to a pdf/jpg/word. (Microsoft's failed attempt at windows based tablet PC in past comes to mind, but not anymore)

Any such solution I can use with my laptop?

2] A document scanning device, apart from a flat bed scanner, integrated these days into multi function printers; anything that is portable enough to connect to my laptop?

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Maybe the STAEDTLER digital pen could be interesting for you. I had a ACECAD Digimemo some time ago - it had similar use - output both digital and written on paper, but needed a special pad with batteries. Both devices do not need any computer to be connected during writing, only for data transfer.

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  1. I believe you are describing is usually called a Graphics Tablet, or sometimes a "writing pad," or "writing tablet."

  2. There are many forms of scanning devices. Many Document Scanners are fairly small, and might do what you need.

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Try this service called Evernote. It can convert handwriting into text.

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