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In Flash CS5, you can specify a Source path for the ActionScript settings so that the IDE can locate fully-qualified classes. For example, to have Flash IDE locate "flashObjects.Balloon" class I might have the following set in my Source path list:


This works fine, but is NOT portable. I need a full path (not a relative one like ../../) that will work on other developer's machines including other OSX and Windows machines. Surely there is a way to specify the most common environment variables. I'm imagining something like:


Is this possible?

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Why not place your files in the directory above your working directory. That way you only need to reference them like this:


Putting that in place let's it be fully portable from ANY computer. Instead of specifying from the 'root' folder, you can start from the current folder. I have confirmed this to work.

Important: If you want to use this method and want to place a directory INSIDE your current working directory, you'll have to refer to it as such:


Because just setting files as the source path won't work. As far as I know, this feature (environment variables) has long been asked for from Adobe and never acted upon. This seems to be the general work around for the time being.

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According to the web, the following are what you have to work with:

  • $(AppConfig): Common/Configuration folder in the Flash install directory
    (/Applications/Adobe Flash CS5/Common/Configuration)
  • $(LocAppConfig): en_US/Configuration folder in the Flash install directory in English (respective folders for other languages)
    (/Applications/Adobe Flash CS5/en_US/Configuration)
  • $(UserConfig): Configuration folder in the current user's Local Settings directory
    (/Users/<user>/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Flash CS5/en_US/Configuration)
  • $(LocalData): same as UserConfig
  • $(FlexSDK): set by the user in preferences. May use other variables, and by default uses $(AppConfig)

Storing your objects in one of those spots would obviously work, but I bet that a symlink or two would make things even smoother.

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