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I'm working on some Python projects in Eclipse (via PyDev).

In a NetBeans PHP project, I can add symbols from an external library to the autocomplete and "open symbol" commands by adding the path to the project's "Include Path" object:

Location of "Include Path" in a NetBeans PHP project

For example, by adding the PHPUnit source to the project's include path, PHPUnit classes will appear in my autocomplete, I can command-click on PHPUnit class names to go to their declarations, etc.

Is there a similar feature in Eclipse/PyDev? How do I make that work?

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If you open the project properties, there is a PyDev - PYTHONPATH option that will allow you to specify External Libraries.

The folders added to the External Libraries have to contain Python modules.

In other words, if you add a folder that contains __init__.py, you need to go up one more directory.

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