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Whenever I type c, d and (space) quickly, the actuall output is cd(newline)(space). This is obviously most problematic while working with console/terminal.

This happens in all applications, with all system keyboard layouts I've tested.

I only have one idea what might cause this: perhaps some bug in the HP mini 5103 keyboard driver?

System Windows 7 Ultimate x64 on HP mini 5103, driver Standard 101/102-Key or Microsoft Natural PS/2 Keyboard with HP QLB.

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+1 for providing all necessary information. Have you tried another external keyboard with the MS standard driver? Do you use the normal terminal or some kind of special? – Michael K Jul 1 '11 at 9:52
Also try holding the c key down and then typing d slowly. – JdeBP Jul 1 '11 at 11:28
Right, it's actually triggered when both c and d are down (does not matter how long) and space is pressed. – Mikulas Dite Jul 1 '11 at 21:24

Try doing this on a LiveCD from Ubuntu or something. If the same problem exists then you know it's hardware related.

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