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This is my Xterm config:

XTerm*saveLines: 512
XTerm*reverseVideo: false
XTerm*reverseWrap: true
XTerm*fullCursor: true
XTerm*scrollTtyOutput: on
XTerm*scrollKey: on
XTerm*eightBitInput: false
XTerm*pointerColor: white
XTerm*pointerShape: left_ptr
XTerm*charClass: 37:48,45-47:48,58:48,64:48,126:48
XTerm*cursorColor: rgb:aa/aa/aa 
XTerm*cursorColor2: black

XTerm*color0:  rgb:71/71/71 
XTerm*color1:  rgb:cd/00/00
XTerm*color2:  rgb:b4/cd/00
XTerm*color3:  rgb:cd/cd/00
XTerm*color4:  rgb:71/71/71
XTerm*color5:  rgb:cd/00/cd
XTerm*color6:  rgb:00/cd/cd
XTerm*color7:  rgb:e5/e5/e5
XTerm*color8:  rgb:4c/4c/4c
XTerm*color9:  rgb:ff/00/00
XTerm*color10:  rgb:55/ac/55
XTerm*color11:  rgb:ff/ff/00
XTerm*color12:  rgb:46/82/b4
XTerm*color13:  rgb:ff/00/ff
XTerm*color14:  rgb:00/ff/ff
XTerm*color15:  rgb:ff/ff/ff

XTerm*colorBD: white
XTerm*colorUL: SkyBlue
XTerm*colorBDMode: on
XTerm*colorULMode: on
XTerm*underLine: on
XTerm*background: rgb:30/0a/24
XTerm*foreground: white 
XTerm*font: -*-monospace-medium-r-normal-9-140-*-*-m-*-* 
XTerm*font1: 5x7
XTerm*font2: 6x10
XTerm*font3: fixed
XTerm*font4: 9x15

XTerm*ScrollBar.Background: gray
XTerm*ScrollBar.thickness: 0
XTerm*ScrollBar.foreground: gray
XTerm*ScrollBar: false
XTerm*ScrollBar.DrawBorder: false
XTerm*loginShell: true

XTerm*faceName: Mono
XTerm*faceSize: 9

Could anyone say is it possible to make bold some text, wich color is e.g. color1 from my config? I've tried XTerm*color1: rgb:cd/00/00 bold, but this doesn't work.

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I'm not sure if this answers your question, but it answers the question I had when I googled and found your question.

You can make bold, underlined, reverse video, and blinking text, be colored, in addition to being bold, underlined, reversed, or blinking. For example, you already have

XTerm*colorBD: white
XTerm*colorUL: SkyBlue
XTerm*colorBDMode: on
XTerm*colorULMode: on

which replaces bold and underlining with colors. To get bold and underlining and color at the same time, add

XTerm*veryBoldColors: 6

The documentation for the veryBoldColors resource in man xterm is

veryBoldColors (class VeryBoldColors)
  Specifies  whether  to  combine  video  attributes with colors
  specified by  colorBD,  colorBL,  colorRV  and  colorUL.   The
  resource value is the sum of values for each attribute:
    1 for reverse,
    2 for underline,
    4 for bold and
    8 for blink.

  The default is “0”.
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