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I'd like to make a script for Ms-office 2007 custom installation easily and to put some restriction for users. when the user run that script the script only install the flowing packages:- word, excel, access & powerpoint.

How can i do that? any idea?


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If you are running the Volume License version, you can run setup.exe /admin to run the the Office Customization Tool (OCT). It can configure almost every option in Office.

Check out the following links: (deployment document) (videos)

Here is a screenshot, which looks a lot like a Group Policy MMC:

enter image description here

I looked, and it seems to be a lot more complicated with non-VL versions, and will require you to directly edit an XML file. This is the best document explaining how to do this I could find:

It is simple with the OCT if you have it, not so simple, if you don't.

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