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I have a Lenovo T500 laptop. For a few days I keep getting a blue screen of death. I've asked about the problem and I've been told that it's a RAM crash, and that I need to change the RAM.

How can I open the laptop and switch the RAM locations? If there's any photos to clarify the steps involved I will be grateful.

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Here is the "User Guides and Manuals" page for your computer.

This is your specific "Hardware Maintenance Manual":

Go to page 83 of the manual, "Removing and replacing a FRU". Go to "1050 DIMM". It will tell you that you need the prerequisites of "1010 Battery Pack", and "1040 Palm Rest...".

The directions are excellent and contain very good diagrams.

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On Lenovo website you have the full set of instruction (with images) of how to remove/install the RAM.

When you click in the provided link, it will tell you the website moved but ignore the message and all the instructions will appear.

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