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I have two servers relavant here: ( - which is the nameserver and the mail server for ( - which is the www subdomain for (cname - an alias for www.

The zone file for lists as the MX server for is actually being served web pages as a virtual host. It's real hostname is

Mail for works pretty well, in general. However, if I attempt to send mail from (or its alias, I get "mail for loops back to myself" in the postfix logs.

On /etc/postfix/ has mydestination =, localhost.

How do I tell postfix on that mail for needs to be delivered to

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What I ended up doing, for anyone interested, is to undo the cname ''. The result being that resolves to still points to Next, I set-up a virtual host on that only uses mod-rewrite to redirect requests to It isn't ideal since those going to '' will need to do 2 DNS lookups + a redirect, but at least mail works properly again.

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