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I mapped a network drive to my Apple Time Capsule as T, but due to some configuration problems I had (but have fixed) it wouldn't reconnect at login.

In one of my tests I mapped the same drive as Z and left reconnect at login checked on accident.

Now, Z connects fine at login, but T doesn't. When I reboot, they both show up, but T is disconnected and Z isn't. I would like to permanently remove Z and make T the only mapped drive to the Time Capsule.
I can temporarily make the changes, (T connects fine if I manually do it no matter if Z is connected or not) but they revert back when I reboot.

I want to make Z go away forever and redo the T connection. How can I do that on Windows 7?

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net use z: /d /y
reg delete HKCU\Network\Z /f

should remove all traces of it. If the drive doesn't disappear then reboot, and it should be gone when you log back in.

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the first part removed it, but the 2nd part says it can't find that registry value. Haven't had a chance to reboot yet (too much work open) so I can't test if it got rid of it completely, but thank you so far! – James P. Wright Jul 2 '11 at 19:28
@Pselus: It says so precisely because the first command removed it. I only included reg delete in case there were any leftovers, but generally net use ... /d is enough. – grawity Jul 2 '11 at 21:57

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