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In Chromium I get "Changes to sync" notification with Xmarks as soon as I open a new website. I believe it wants to sync my history, and I would like to turn that off since I want only my bookmarks synced and not my history... In Firefox there is an option to turn off history sync but, in Chromium I don't see that anywhere.. Does anyone know a way to do this? Thanks.

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It could possibly be syncing open tabs. Checked that? Cause Xmark on Chrone doesn't sync history.


Come to think of it. It IS. I remember Xmark has that warning from Chome saying something like this extension will have access to your history. . .

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well, from the log it looks like it is trying to sync tabs all the time, but it can't because I turned it off.. weird. – pootzko Jul 8 '11 at 21:54

Do you have Chrome Sync enabled? if yes, I think you should disable it.

Click on the wrench icon, select Options, Personal Stuff. Under Sync click Stop syncing this account.

enter image description here

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