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I am looking to set up a server to back up all my files from about 4 machines + phones. Can you recommend some systems for me to look at? Is it better to buy one or set up one my self?

What software do I have to run? I am thinking of running something like crashplan for the backup. Any suggestions are appreciated.

EDIT: I already have a linux server I run.



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What software does your machines run? Windows? (I'm guessing so). I'm a Linux fanboy, and for this, would setup a box and run nightly rsyncs. If you're not familiar with Linux, then you should look into rsync for Windows. – David Jul 2 '11 at 19:48

Perhaps you can consider rsync. It's cross platform, lightweight, and flexible. You can tweak it to get a dropbox like backup, and if you are transferring huge files, you can configure rsynch to use a preset bandwidth to save your self some capacity to do other things.

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