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I'm using the excellent Rosetta Stone for learning German. Problem is, in order to answer its language questions I'm forced to click the correct answer with the dreaded mouse. Is there any way to answer the quizzes using the keyboard?

UPDATE: Screenshot:

enter image description here

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Post a screenshot please of what the quizzes look like. – KCotreau Jul 3 '11 at 14:44
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I spoke with Rosetta Stone and they said there is no keyboard support for these quizzes.

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This guy wrote a Python script that adds keyboard shortcuts to the windows version.

import os
import sys
import time
from msvcrt import getch


import win32automation

os.system("title KeySetta")
    r"C:\Program Files\The Rosetta Stone\The Rosetta Stone\TheRosettaStone.exe")
while 1:
    print "Waiting for application to start..."
    result = win32automation.windowFocus("The Rosetta Stone")
    if result:
        print "Window found!"
print "Waiting 5 seconds for login screen to appear..."

print """
   Keyboard to Mouse Macros Enabled:

     - Answer selection:
       [7] [9]
       [1] [3]

    Please focus this window to enable them...

coord_map = {"7": (180, 300),
             "9": (480, 300),
             "1": (180, 475),
             "3": (480, 475)}

while 1:
    ch = getch()
    print "Last key pressed: %s\r" % (ch),
    if ch in ('1','3','7','9'):
        win32automation.windowFocus("The Rosetta Stone")
        x, y = coord_map[ch]
        win32automation.mouseMoveToRelative("The Rosetta Stone", x, y)
    elif ch.lower() == 'q':
        print "Quitting!"
        print "WARNING: Unknown key-macro event '%c'." % (ch)

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It didn't work, I got a bunch of errors, one of them being an OSError on the spawnv action. I think this was intended for a really old version of Rosetta Stone. – Ram Rachum Mar 7 '12 at 11:33
Was worth a shot, I don't have Windows to try it out. Really wish Rosetta Stone would let me move more quickly. – johndbritton Mar 13 '12 at 10:02
Change the path to match: win32automation.spawnProcess( r"C:\Program Files (x86)\Rosetta Stone\Rosetta Stone Language Training\Rosetta Stone.exe") This was my path for version 5.xx – Brain2000 Feb 28 at 22:42

With autohotkey you might be able to do that. With this script I am able to pause the screen I've just gone through with the escape key - in order to review new words, for example. (Rosetta makes you click on a tiny pause button, which is not very convenient)

#SingleInstance force
    MouseGetPos X, Y    
    Click 836, 594 ; use WindowSpy to adjust numbers according to the window size
    MouseMove,  %X%, %Y%
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Windows accessibility options allow you to use the keyboard to control the mouse pointer. Maybe this may help if you are suffering from RSI, but the method is rather cumbersome.

It may be worth consulting the application vendor directly, or perhaps seeing if pressing the Tab key on your keyboards potentially offers a way to select an answer. The Tab key is generally the standard way of hopping between interface elements on Windows applications when using the keyboard.

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