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I like the way we can middle click on a link and it will open a tab in the background (in Google).

However of course this doesn't work in all webpages (it's just a google thing and not a browser in-built functionality)

So are there any addons that allow us to middle click any link and open the link in a new background tab?

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Sure is:

Open a link without loosing the current page!

The way I use it: left click - open on the spot, middle click - open in new background tab, right click - open in new foreground tab. middle click on bookmarks - open in new foreground tab,

Options: - configure Right Click and Middle Click to open links in new Background or Foreground tab; - remove target="_blank" from links (enabled by default). So there will be no more links that open in a new tab when left-clicked;

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Note that this bug is tracked at and

The extension in Moab's answer does not work around the bug.

Star them if you want to see more traction towards a real fix.

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There's a Chrome addon that does exactly what you want.

Fix middle click behavior for a lot of pages (also ctrl+left)

If you know a page where middle (or ctrl+left) clicking a link doesn't have the desired effect of leaving the current tab unchanged and opening a new one, this extension will most likely help you.

I've used it for a while now and haven't found a site that it doesn't work on.

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