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A family member's MacBook Pro seems to have the "Secondary Tap" action mapped to program switching instead of popping up the context menu. This happens when a mouse is plugged in as well as when two-finger tapping the trackpad.

No preferences related to what the right mouse button should do come up when looking at the mouse preferences.

Googling so far makes it look like a Magic and/or Mighty Mouse could have caused some of these weird issues if it was plugged in at some point but we don't have one available now. I have not been able to figure out if these prefs actually exists on the machine and, if they do exists, how to remove them.

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It sounds like there's a third-party mouse driver or manager prefpane installed that allows remapping the mouse buttons.

USBOverdrive or one of these are some of the possibilities.

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None of those are installed :( – Dave Hendler Jul 3 '11 at 18:19

I agree with @JRobert. It sounds like a third-party mouse driver/manager.

I noticed BetterTouchTools, magicprefs and jitouch were not on his list. Make sure those are not installed either.

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