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I've upgraded my hard drive to a SSD (Solid State Drive) - whats the easiest way to copy my previous version of Windows 7 to the new SSD?

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DriveImageXML should suffice, and it's a free download.

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You could use Clonezilla if you use Parted Magic you can also resize your partition before cloning if necessary, assuming the source is lager than the destination

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  • Acronis DiskDirector: no luck. Tried Acronis DiskDirector, no luck - after I cloned the drive, it gave an "BootMGR missing". Couldn't fix it by booting from a Windows 7 DVD and using the repair functionality.
  • Acronis TrueImage: worked. Copied the primary windows HD to an image on an external HD, restored it to the SSD, then booted from the SSD.
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Disk director is for partition management, not meant for copying entire disks. You find the right product for that in True Image. – KCotreau Jul 3 '11 at 22:57

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