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I'm writing a batch script for windows 7 and want to handle both 64 bit and and x86 processors.

What are the possible values of the Windows %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE% environment variable?

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'migrated from stackoverflow' ... it's as if someone doesn't think that batch scripting is proper programming!? – Rory Jun 23 '14 at 16:17
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  • AMD64
  • IA64
  • x86

Note that this doesn't tell you the architecture of the processor but only of the process with the environment variable. It returns "x86" for a 32 bit process running on 64 bit Windows.

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There's a workaround for the "32bit process on 64bit Windows" problem: just check PROCESSOR_ARCHITEW6432 as well, and if it isn't undefined (i.e. equals to AMD64 or IA64), then this is a 64bit machine. Source. – Olegs Jeremejevs Jan 23 '14 at 11:35

"EM64T" is also a possible value, however unlikely. My understanding is that you will only see this with XP-64.

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