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My knowledge of using sybase on windows is getting rusty...

I want to use the open source isql tool ASE isql. When I tried to establish a connection to my sybase database, a 'Connection' dialog box pop up and ask for database/server/hostname information.

I think I need to put these information into a file which is equivalent to an interface file in unix world. Is it correct?

If so, where can I locate this file and what is the format? Any pointer is appreciated.

The target server is sybase 12.5

enter image description here

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That's what I done to get this sorted:

  • Install the sybase client tool (12.5 in my case)

  • I installed them in a directory c:\opt instead of default "c:\Program Files" to avoid space in path and also a shorter path

  • The final location is c:\opt\sybase-MDS

  • Put c:\opt\sybase-MDS\bin and c:\opt\sybase-MDS\dll into the PATH variable

  • Define a SYBASE env variable and points to C:\opt\sybase-MDS

  • Prepare a sql.ini file in C:\opt\sybase-MDS\ini

Syntax is similar to this




After these steps, you can bring up ASE isql and you will see "MyDB" in the Server drop down.

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