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I'm using Picasa to import, manage, upload and back-up pictures. However, I do not want to see duplicates when browsing them, but I would like to copy the raw files from the cameras SD cards, looks like picasa does not copy all files from the card, but only the pictures it shows.

I could use "normal" windows copy, but this does not create separate folders for each day (and does not make picasa index the photo folders until I start it again).

So, is there an easy way for to either:

  1. make picasa piggyback the .NEF files along with the jpg:s; or
  2. add a new default action (in win 7) that copies both .NEF and .JPG from the card to a default folder, creating a new subfolder for each day taken and on completion open Picasa?
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This has been answered in the Photography section of StackExchange.

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It indeed seems that it has been answered there. However, none of the answers actually answers my question. In any case, it looks like Adobe lightroom is the way to go. – Kimvais Jul 18 '11 at 6:33

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