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Apparently VLC has an A-B repeat feature, but how do I use it? There's even a related feature request. I can't find any GUI controls for it (Windows VLC version 1.1.9) I am aware there is a possible command-line method, but I seek a more user-friendly GUI/keyboard solution.

I ask specifically for VLC, but other free video players that support both mirroring (flipping horizontally) and A-B repeat are acceptable.

Background info: I have a video of a dance performance I need to practice.

  • A-B repeat to concentrate on a single part at a time
  • Mirroring to make following it more natural
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+1 for the nice links, and in particular reminding that vlc has command line options! Thnx! – Dror Jun 12 '13 at 9:07
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In the View Menu click Advanced Controls. This will display the loop button (A-B) on the bottom.

enter image description here

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On VLC Windows version has been introduced the shortcut Shift+L to obtain the same function as pressing the button. To use it, View->Advanced Controls must be displayed and VLC must be not in full-screen mode. – Giovanni Maggiorani Mar 1 at 19:31

The previous answer is out of date. I have version 2.1.4 (May 2014), on a Mac.

Press cmd-J to jump to the start of your loop, then cmd-shift-L to mark it.

Press cmd-J to jump to the end of your loop, then cmd-shift-L to mark it.

You can then watch your loop.

Press cmd-shift-L a third time to cancel the loop.

Note that although the dialog for cmd-J says "seconds", you can enter minutes and seconds normally (e.g. 4:34).

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I believe this can also be accomplished on the CLI:

--start-time starts the video here; the integer is the number of seconds from the beginning (e.g. 1:30 is written as 90)

--stop-time stops the video here; the integer is the number of seconds from the beginning (e.g. 1:30 is written as 90)

--repeat repeats current item until another item is forced

For example

vlc movie.avi --start-time 240 --stop-time 560 --repeat


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Play the video and while it's playing Press the 'Loop' button at the point you wish the loop to start (Point A) then press it again at Point B the point you wish it to return to point A. Pressing a third time clears the loop.

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What I found works is: Tool ---- Customize Interface

Then I added the a-b loop button to my interface.

First Click sets the A Part and the Second sets the B part.

Then you have your loop :D

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