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I have quite a few cells with Data Validation with options in the list that are long strings. Short of widening the column, is there any way to widen the drop-down list so that the user can see the options?

I could possibly use the Design Toolbox, but I'd rather keep it simple.

I cannot use VBA for this; there already exist solution using VBA.

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The solution can't use VBA? – DaveParillo Oct 9 '09 at 16:16
I'd rather not, due to draconian anti-virus/malware restrictions. Just wondering if it could be done easily, via options somewhere. – Chris Gunner Oct 13 '09 at 13:58

The short answer is 'No'. The Data Validation feature can be used as a quick-and-dirty replacement for a genuine drop-down/combobox, but it is limited in the amount of features and options.

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Merge some adjacent cells.

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