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If I don't watch movies or play games, but the PC may be used to do some web-designing (not animations though), would HDMI help at all? Currently PC is using VGA.

It's more of a theory/hypothetical question, so please don't reply like "HDMI doesn't cost much" or "it's going to be outdated soon" or "this is better alternative to HDMI".

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You may be interested in reading this question comparing the different types of display connectors. – nhinkle Jul 5 '11 at 19:36
Pretty much covers the same ground as… – Linker3000 Jul 5 '11 at 22:13
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HDMI=DVI in quality, but DVI does NOT carry audio

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HDMI (and DVI-D) are digtial interfaces. They will, potentially give you a clearer picture on LCD monitors. VGA is analog, and often LCDs will render a less-than-crisp image even at their native resolution.

HDMI also has a DRM specification which may (depending on video hardware licensing) allow you to watch dvds which you might not be able to view over DVI or vga.

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The connector is smaller. This enables smaller form factors and I prefer not having cables that need to be screwed in sometimes.

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